Sew slow Sarah

Having taken a beginners dressmaking course in late 2015 as a new way to make friends in a new city, I’m now completely hooked. Many sewing courses, pattern purchases and fabric stash additions later, I love sewing. I spend most of my spare time either sewing or thinking about sewing, and a lot of my disposable income on it too. There’s nothing I love more than browsing Instagram for sewing inspiration, and learning about the latest indie pattern releases

Problem is, with a busy full-time job and social life, I really struggle to keep up with my own ideas. By the time I’ve figured out my summer sewing plans, it’s almost Autumn and I need to be thinking of wools and drills instead of viscose and lawns…

So why sew slow Sarah?

Well, quite frankly, I just can’t sew as quickly as I would like. I fall in love with patterns and fabrics, and just underestimate the likelihood of having the time to sew them. That’s the literal ‘slow’ in Sew slow Sarah.

There’s the need to learn new techniques with each sew. I don’t want to stick to tried and tested techniques using basic patterns. I want to continue to challenge myself, and learning these new skills takes time.

But there’s also the nod to the slow sewing movement. Carefully considering your makes, using the right fabrics, altering the fit to ultimately creating clothes that will last a long time.

So what can you expect from this blog?

Most of the sewing bloggers I follow on Instagram are uploading new garments almost daily, using the latest patterns and beautiful fabrics. I can’t promise the same, as with a full-time job, I just don’t have the capacity. What I can promise is an honest account of my sewing adventures.

The blog will be a mix of updates on my projects and how they are progressing, and write ups of the finished garments. I’ll include pattern reviews, handy tips and updates on my sewing plans. I’ll show off my latest fabric purchases and my plans for them (you’ll notice I rarely make what I intend to with a particular fabric!).

You can also expect that much of this will be centred around holidays. I plan my winter projects around my winter breaks in European cities, and summer wardrobe is centred around travels to warmer climates. In the photo above, I’m dressed in a Tilly and the Buttons Mathilde blouse and Helen’s Closet Winslow culottes whilst rowing around Plaza Espana in Sevilla.

I’m looking forward to sharing with you, and hope you enjoy

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