#top5of2017: Highlights

top-5-e280a8of-2017-4.jpgIn my final round up post of 2017, I look back at my highlights. Working through the #sewingtop5 has changed my perspective on 2017 – although challenging in many ways, it has still been a great year for me in sewing terms, and I’m really proud of my achievements. Thanks so much to Crafting a Rainbow for this framework, it’s helped me to feel more positive about the past year!

I’m still working on my goals for 2018 so will post these soon.

  1. My Cuba trip – after a pretty difficult year that included a major health scare, my upcoming trip to Cuba gave me so much to look forward to. Not only something to work towards in terms of my post-op recovery, it gave me something to plan for, both in terms of the trip and the items I want to make. I’ve spoken about it relentlessly in my 2017 round up, but suffice to say it did not disappoint; exceeding all of my expectations, it was definitely my highlight of the year 🙂
  2. Sewslowsarah – Before 2017 I was still sharing (albeit it limited) sewing content on my personal Instagram account. None of my followers (basically friends in real life!) are sewists, and so it seemed silly to use it to post about my me mades and WIPs. Eager to join MIY March, I decided to create a separate sewing account, and so the name sew slow sarah was born. It felt weird to ‘brand’ myself, but at the same time the name expresses who I am as a sewist; I frustrate myself so much with my slow progress. After a few months of posting on instagram, setting up this blog felt like a natural progression, as there’s only so much you can write on social media, and of course I stuck with my moniker. Since then, I’ve ordered some labels to sew into the clothes that I make, and this has been one of my favourite things of 2017. It feels so professional to place your own label into your clothing where ready to wear would carry the name of an established brand. It feels like a confirmation of how far I’ve come since I began sewing, and my brand is very helpful in explaining to my friends why they’ve received their ‘newborn’ gifts as their baby turns 3 months old! IMG_20171109_222553_981.jpg
  3. The Making Jeans Workshop at the Stitchery Studio – I had so much fun at this course. Making jeans seemed way out of reach for a relatively new sewer like me, but with lots of encouragement from our instructor Cassandra, and the amazing Closet Case resources, it became achievable. Unfortunately I was unable to finish my jeans because of many (changing) fitting issues that I couldn’t resolve (they turned out to be the result of a health problem). However, I had so much fun working through the different stages of making jeans. And what a confidence builder! Fly zipper, top stitching galore, customisation and various seam finishes. I start 2018 with an almost finished toile and the intention to end the year with a finished pair once my body has settled into itself. I have no doubt in my ability to finish another pair. IMG_20170311_171204_310IMG_20170217_170705
  4. The Fitting Masterclass at the Stitchery Studio – this was the last class that I completed at the beloved Stitchery Studio. I learned so much about adjustments we can make to patterns to make them fit so much better. I can alter patterns to better fit my sway back, full bust, forward shoulder, and full arms. I also left the course with a well fitting bodice block, as well as sleeve and skirt patterns to work on. The workshop left me much more confident in my sewing abilities, and I really benefitted from that throughout 2017.
  5. Sewing with friends – I love the sewing community. It’s been lovely to meet so many people through Instagram this year, and I’m looking forward to meeting more in person at sewing meet ups in 2018. I’ve continued to get together with friends I’ve made through sewing in the past few years, and it’s been a lovely way to bond with like-minded women in a city where I don’t know that many people. I’m looking forward to sewing meet ups later this year – if you’re in Glasgow/Scotland, or North West England and fancy meeting up to chat sewing, just give me a shout!

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