Extending my craft: a macrame workshop

So this is a break from the usual sewing-related blog posts, but I just had to share after falling head over heels for macrame. I signed up for a workshop after a friend invited me along. I thought it would be a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon with friends – the free cake and hot drink at the venue For Fika Sake was also a bonus.

Great hot chocolate

The workshop was 3 hours long, and designed for you to come away with a wall hanging or a plant holder. I went for wall hanging, but most in the group opted for the plant holder. I had no expectations about whether I’d enjoy macrame. I’d seen some on instagram and it looked pretty cool, but I figured I just don’t have time to squeeze it in alongside my other activities like sewing, knitting, and reading (and instagram habit). I suppose I should add my family and my full-time job to that list too! I also figured it’d be pretty difficult and require a lot of dedication. Reader. I was wrong.

We arrived at the venue a little early, and noted a pottery class still going on upstairs. The lovely Debbie welcomed us and explained that we should get our cake and drinks whilst she set up. After ordering a huge slab of chocolate cake, we went upstairs to be greeted by 4 clothes rails with lots of string hanging from them. We settled down at the table behind the rails to be given a demo of the three (yes, only three) basic techniques for macrame – one forms a twist, another a square knot, and finally – my favourite – a diagonal line.

Debbie then invited us up to make a start on our macrame. After embarrassing myself by tripping over the clothes rail – note to self, shortcuts don’t work – I found myself in front of a collection of threads with no firm idea of how I’d like my wall hanging to look. The rail full of her amazing macrame designs helped immensely with this, and as I liked the look of the twists, I started off with these, and from there seemed to get a bit more inspiration. Debbie was there to help answer our questions as we began to try out the different knots, and to give suggestions on what we could do next.

The hardest part is getting started…
slow progress


I didn’t quite finish in the class (I am sew slow after all!) but most others did. The perfectionist in me undid it quite a few times, and even now I know there’s an alteration I want to make before it’s completed. Even though I’d made a wall hanging, I still came away with a lovely potted daffodil which has been brightening up my kitchen, and we were also given some printed instructions to take away.


My first make is by no means perfect, but I’m really happy with it. I think I’ll hang it in my bedroom. According to the husband it doesn’t match the style of the living room…





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