Sewing plans – Greek island hopping

A while back I came to an important realisation about myself – I am at my most productive under the pressure of a deadline. I see this in my personal and work life, but most of all in my sewing. I am a very slow sewer, starting projects and struggling to finish them. There are so many things I want to make, but I struggle to complete them all. If you are familiar with the Happier podcast (I’ve previously blogged my favourite podcasts), and Gretchen Rubin’s four tendencies, you won’t be surprised to hear that I am an obliger (and so struggle to meet my own expectations). But when I have a deadline, I am so productive.

And in the sewing world, my deadlines are holidays. When else would you have such a great opportunity to wear your me mades with such joy? Once my trip is booked, I spend a not so insignificant amount of time planning out what I could wear, which patterns and fabrics I should use. Of course, I probably only manage to complete 10% of my planned outfits. I’m currently in New York, and did not manage to finish any of the trousers I’d planned, nor complete my Ginger Jeans that I started sewing last year. However, I did finish 4 items, and I’ll be wearing them with pride (and sharing on the blog once I get home).

I have two big trips planned for this year – as well as New York, at the end of May we’ll be heading to Greece to do some island hopping. My wardrobe ideas for Greece are of course completely different to New York! Lots of romantic, flowing airy dresses. Cottons and drapes wovens. I’m so excited. So I thought I’d share some of my planned makes  and possible fabric matches from my stash (I’ve taken most of the pattern images from pattern makers websites – all link to the relevant webpages).

Charlie Caftan

Image result for charlie caftan

I’ve been wanting to make this dress since it was first released, and it’s on my 2018 make nine list. It will have to be the floor length version, and I have a few fabric contenders – I think a big print suits this style of dress so I’ll have fun narrowing that down. I’m going to put myself out and say it – if I don’t manage to make this for Greece, I’ll be really disappointed.

I’d love to make it in this drapey viscose linen – Rachel from the Foldline made an amazing Reeta dress with it last summer.



Lois Dress or Colette Myrna

I have already printed out the Myrna, but the Lois is on my make nine list. I love them both, but they’re pretty similar, so I need to decide which to start with. Again, i have lots of fabric options – some nice flowing viscoses, but also some cottons…maybe this viscose linen?


By Hand London wrap circle skirt

Image result for elisalex wrap skirt

The tutorial for this is in a magazine I bought last year. I have the perfect fabric for it which I’ll need to line, but it’s gorgeous, and I got it in the sale. I really can’t wait to wear this.



Eve Dress

Image result for sew over it eve dress

A gorgeous wrap dress. I suspect I’d need to make quite a few adjustments to this, including an FBA, so it may need to wait. If I could make it in the time though, it’d be just perfect – those flutter sleeves are dreamy!

I wonder if this seashell lawn would be drapey enough?



Penny dress

Image result for sew over it penny dress

Whether it’s the dress or the tie front blouse hack, I think the style of the dress would be great in Greece. It works really well in a lawn, of which I have an entire drawer full, so should be able to find something suitable.

I’d been saving this for a Betty, but now wondering if it’d make a better Penny?



Tania culottes

This pattern is becomming a holiday TNT – I’ll have to remember to blog one of my Tanias. I think I prefer Version 2, which is knee length. You still get the aesthetic of a skirt, but the advantage of wearing shorts. Most of my culottes are made in chambray, as it goes well with most colours and styles – I think I’ll do the same for these.

My first pair of tania culottes – made especially for bike rides in Italy. Will make the next pair longer!



Ogden cami dress

Image result for true bias ogden dress

I’d like to do this hack with one of the lawns from my stash – it could be a great casual dress, or even simple nightwear.

This Liberty lawn would make a cute dress.



Seamwork Natalie

Image result for seamwork natalie

This top looks beautiful – it looks so light and airy on the Seamwork models, I’d love to make it but I think this is one that might have to wait until I get home. I also love the fabric of the sample, so will be looking out for a navy and white vertical stripe whilst in New York…

If not, it might look nice in this mustard spotted kokka.



Carolyn pyjamas or Fifi pjs

There’s something so luxurious about a pair of cotton PJs when you’re in a warm climate. I’d love to make either of these, but this is likely to beyond my limited timeframe! I have the Fifi PJs pattern already, but Carolyn are on my make nine list. If I don’t manage to make them before Greece, I’ll be making them when I get home as I haven’t yet sewn any PJs.

I’ve had this spotted Kokka earmarked for a pair of PJs since I first set eyes on it…


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