Me Made May 2018

I’m making a late sign up for Me Made May 2018. I haven’t participated before as had I barely any finished handmade items, but, with encouragement from the lovely Love to Sew podcast ladies, I was convinced to take out my me mades and out them on my rail. I have so many more than I realised, and so I’m thinking I could definitely take part.

2018-04-30 06.58.11 1.jpg
I’ve a decent collection of me mades

My handsewn items are mostly summery, and split into blouses, dresses and culottes. I have a few items of knitwear too, and some items that I can’t wear at the moment as they no longer fit.

My pledge is to wear at least 5 handmade items per week – this gives me the flexibility for it to be a hand-knitted hat if the Scottish weather requires it! I’m thinking I have a lot of tops that I could wear for work, so I’ll be trying that out during May. Most of my sewing is done with holidays in mind, and so I’m hoping to wear a lot of me mades when I head to Greece towards the end of the month – can definitely bring out the culottes at this point, and wear the new items I’m making specifically for that trip.

I’ll try to document my outfits as often as I can, but I’m not going to put pressure on myself. I haven’t blogged quite a few of my recent makes as the weather hasn’t been great for taking photos, and I haven’t had time to blog either.

I’m hoping that by the end of the month, I’ve figured out some of the gaps in my wardrobe (spoiler – well fitting trousers and skirts) and will have worked up the courage / inspiration to get started on some essential makes (spoiler – knits!). I’ll also hopefully have some decent photos of my makes so that I can get blogging…

This is so exciting – my first me made May!

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