Sew Frosting! Seamwork: Almada Robe

Frosting*. Sew the frosting. What an excellent idea. An excellent challenge.

Kelli of True Bias sparked my idea for this project in her original Instagram story- she wanted to sew the fun stuff. And so did I. Couple of days later, Kelli and Heather-Lou of Closet Case Patterns had launched the #sewfrosting challenge.

As described by Heather-Lou of Closet Case

Cake is your wardrobe basics and staples; the things you need and wear everyday; frosting is the less practical, more frivolous projects that may not get worn as often, but are perhaps more fun to wear and make.

This completely resonated with me. I’ve been struggling with my sewjo so much over the past few months. I have little time to sew, and whilst I know what my wardrobe ‘needs’, these items are not inspiring me to sew, especially after long days at work. The world is a pretty depressing place at the moment too – working in policy it’s not something that you can avoid – and so the idea of sewing up something fun and frivolous was just the motivation I needed.

I fell in love with the Seamwork Almada robe pattern the first time I saw it. The drape, the shape, just the fact that it’s loungewear, seems so luxurious. I’ve daydreamed so many different versions…but it takes up quite a bit of fabric. Luxury fabrics are not cheap. And a luxurious robe has never been top of my list – there have always been dresses and tops and shorts to sew instead. But Kelli’s video was the inspiration I needed, and I immediately opted for the gorgeous William Morris print in cotton lawn (pretty sure it’s Liberty Tana Lawn, but not completely sure). Let’s face it, I wasn’t likely to be successful in getting back on the sewing bandwagon if I went for a slippery, shifty fabric. Cotton was a good option, and the print as luxurious as the pattern.



It was a breeze to sew up. I made my own bias binding and opted to sew that hidden on the wrong side rather than exposed. I didn’t bother pattern matching. mainly because life is too short (as was my fabric piece).

I’m really pleased with the result. It adds luxury to a Saturday morning at home, it’s floaty and comfy. Those big billowy sleeves do sometimes get caught on door handles – I can live with that…


So, I’m back on the sewing bandwagon, I have quite a few makes to share over the next few weeks 🙂 – some even meet my 2018 sewing goals!

*DISCLAIMER – as an avid baking fan in the UK, I feel the need at least to acknowledge that we call it icing in the UK.

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