Closet case patterns: Amy jumpsuit

Well, I did it. I may even have to change my sewing name (although my slowness in publishing this post probably suggests it’s OK for now!).

My version of the Amy Jumpsuit from Closet Case Patterns was sewn up within three weeks of its release. I, Sew Slow Sarah, printed it off, toiled it, made the alterations, picked the fabric, pre-washed and cut it, sewn it up, worn it, loved it, and photographed it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Amy Jumpsuit, and am very proud of myself for getting it made up so quickly.

I was still on the fence about jumpsuits at the start of the summer, but a lovely friend persuaded me to try a couple on when we were shopping in Madrid. I ended up buying two – neither fits perfectly, but they were so comfortable, and just perfect for the hot summer we had. I lived in a loose fitting navy blue polka dot version. I loved it.

Rest in peace 😦

Sadly it is no longer wearable. The strap got caught on a door knob and it ripped down the entire armhole binding seam. And I’m not ashamed to admit that I howled, then cried my eyes out, when it ripped. I’m pretty sure it can’t be fixed. But I have kept hold of it and will re-use the fabric.

My holiday to Porto was fast approaching, there were no longer summery clothes in the shops, and I wanted something like that jumpsuit to do my wandering in.

Cue Amy.

With the wide strap cami top, and wide leg pants, she was even better than the RTW one. I only had two weeks. But with some late nights I did it!

Yay for Amy!

Even though I was short on time I still opted to toile. Thought I might need an FBA, and whilst I probably could have gotten away with it, I opted to add an extra 0.75 inches on each side.

Fitting issues at the bust
Definite drag lines

The FBA worked out really well. There are way fewer drag lines around my bust, and there was a bit of extra length for the crotch, which I often have to lengthen on trousers. The fit of the top is so good that I think I may make a few cami tops using the top half of the pattern – I love the wide straps as they actually cover my bra.

This viscose has been sitting in my stash for a few years now (I still see it pop up in online shops every now and again though). As a sewing newbie it was one of the first fabrics I bought, but I hadn’t found the right project for it. As soon as Amy was released I knew this was the perfect pattern match.I wanted a nice soft viscose for the warm weather, and I thought the small scale of the pattern would work really well in the all-in-one garment. I love the shade of blue too.

I’m not a huge fan of working with viscose, and so I spray starched the entire 3 metre piece to stop it shifting around so much. I was mostly successful – I managed to cut it all out with minimal shifting, I inserted the zipper without any problems, and it was pretty easy to sew up. I did stretch out the neckline a little, right at the end, as I was understitching the facing. It’s frustrating, but it’s a mistake that only a sewist would notice, and so I’m not letting it bother me.

As I was in a bit of a hurry, instead of making the belt within the pattern from the same fabric, I opted for the time saving method of using a piece of jersey thread I had in my stash from Wool and the Gang – I’m not sure exactly what it was called when I bought it, but this Jersey Be Good looks like it.  I think the white against the blue gives a nice nautical tough to it, and looked great by the river in Porto…

Amy jumpsuit
Back view in Porto
billowy legs


I still haven’t made the much longed for floor length Charlie Caftan, but hey, a girl can’t do everything!

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