A patternless maxi skirt with elasticated waist

With much help from a brilliant video tutorial from Lizzie B, I made a fab maxi skirt with elasticated waist.


The fabric is a pleated polyester from Walthamstow market – as a lover of colourful makes, I’m not usually big on the colour black for my garments, but the mustard and white spots made it feel OK for me to buy this. As soon as I saw the fabric I knew I’d make a skirt like this, and so I picked up the elastic for the skirt at the market too.


I checked out a few different tutorials, and preferred Lizzie’s method as it seemed to have more ease at the waist to stretch the elastic over your hips. It was such an easy make – I’d highly re ommend the videa. The finished garment is a brilliant addition to my wardrobe. I was really surprised by how quick this was to do, and I’ll certainly be making more of these skirts in different lengths as I see more fabric that I think would work well. I particularly liked the easy hemming – all I had to do was cut it straight – no pressing or folding, just cut the raw edge.
Having said that, I think I might shorten this a little, as the floor length makes it a little too long, but I’ll see how I get on. I have enough fabric to make another one, so may add a shorter one to my work wardrobe

These photos were taken on the first day of Spring – believe it or not this is Scotland in February!




I really need to make a bodysuit – this from H&M doesn’t fit very well…

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