I’m back!

Reader…it’s been a while. A LOT has happened this year and you’ve probably noticed that I’ve not had much time for blogging.

The main development…


I’ve been growing a baby!

I’m due towards the end of the year – I’m more than 7 months now. As with most women, I spent the first three months feeling sickly and completely exhausted – sewing (and blogging) went out the window. We then had to move out of our flat for over two months so that we could add another bedroom for the baby. We moved in with my in-laws, and while I took my sewing things with me, it was hard to find time and space to sew anything in a long block of time. So, by the time we moved back home, and tidied everywhere up, I was into the third trimester, and starting to lose energy again. Thankfully, the nesting instinct has kicked in, and rather than focus on tidying up, I seem to be focused on making all of the things.


I’ve bought a few maternity sewing patterns, but mostly I’ve focused on non-maternity patterns that will work for me during pregnancy as well as with my changing body afterwards. My attitude to my body and the clothes I’ve been wearing has changed a lot. Before pregnancy, I struggled with RTW clothes because of my full bust and slightly fuller tummy. Maternity wear has been fantastic for me, because the clothing takes into account the bigger bust and stomach. I’ve been wearing figure hugging clothes for the first time in years, and really enjoying it, but I know I’ll be moving away from these again once I no longer have a bump.


So what can you expect from the blog over the next wee while? I have a few recent makes to share, as well as some from before I was pregnant, and so I’ve scheduled regular blog updates again for a little while. There’ll be makes for me, and a few cute ones for the baby 🙂

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