A Blackwood cardigan for Budapest

This is my Budapest Blackwood. It is of course the Helen’s Closet Blackwood cardigan, and it’s made up in some amazingly cozy wool from Like Sew Amazing. It is SO warm and snuggly.

Wearing my Blackwood in Budapest

This is a tried and true pattern – I have made four Blackwood cardigans so far. This one is so cosy that I can wear it as a substitute for a jacket in the spring and autumn.

I loved the pattern so much the first time I made it up that I immediately made more. I now make cardigans! They are so good for layering, but I can never find the right colour / length style when I’m browsing RTW shops. Now that I’m gaining confidence in sewing knits I thought I might as well make a couple, and I have not regretted it.


It’s really difficult to pick up the colour in the photographs – it’s a bottle green shade mixed with white fibres.


One of the things I love the most about this pattern is that Helen designed the sleeves to be super long, so you feel so snuggly. There’s a hack on her blog for thumb holes, I’m seriously contemplating this for my next version. It’s such a great pattern for layering – I wear mine with so much of my wardrobe – ready to wear and me made.


In this version, I skipped the pockets because I didn’t have much time, and marking the placement would involve lots of faffing on this thick fluffy fabric.

Although it’s really quite a simple make it took me a while. I seem to spend a lot of time pinning, but I could probably skip that part if I was a bit more confident. I think some sewers could finish this in an afternoon, it took me around a day from start to finish.

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