Style Arc Patterns: Bob Pants

I’ve been a long time admirer of the Style Arc Bob pants. They’ve caught my eye as they pop up on Instagram time and time again, looking so comfortable. There are lots of these patterns available – elastic waist, loose fit, and ideally made up in linen. I like a lot of them – Pomona Pants, Miller Trousers and Free Range Slacks to name just a few – and couldn’t figure out the best pattern to buy, but eventually took the plunge and bought the Bobs. And since I’ve sewn them up, I’ve only taken them off to wash them, and then immediately put them back on again. I love them. I don’t care about the other patterns.

The fabric I used is a washed linen in rust, from Sew Me Sunshine. I wasn’t too sure of the colour when it arrived, but looking back now at my confirmation email, the colour is true to the photo on the website. Because I was unsure about the colour, I picked the fabric for a wearable toile.

I wasn’t sure how the trousers would fit, or what size to do. My measurements of 33inch waist and 40 hip place me in a size 16 waist, but my hip is two sizes smaller. They’re really roomy with lots of ease, and so I opted to go for the size 14, with the elastic cut 1inch longer than recommended for the size 14. It’s worked out really well, the fit is great.

The pants come together really quickly. If you left out the pockets they’d be super quick…but who wants pants without pockets?! Style Arc are known for having less beginner friendly instructions. But these Bob’s are super simple, and I found the instructions easy to follow, combining the written descriptions with the diagrams. I really like the method for inserting the elastic – rather than making a channel and threading it through, you stretch out the elastic and zig zag it to the waistband. I love the look it gives the pants – it feels more like ready to wear.

I also really like the bar tacks on the pockets to keep them to the front, and to help with the stress of pocket use. Unfortunately I did this step before finishing the seams, and so when I came to use the overlocker, I realised I couldn’t finish the seam between the two bar tacks without unpicking. I didn’t unpick, but think I will as I want these trousers to be long lasting.

The trousers are perfect for my lifestyle – working at home or mummy daughter days, and for staying home or going for a walk. I’ve been really surprised that the linen has kept me warm while outdoors even in sub zero temperatures!

Overall the Bob pants are a huge success, and I’ve already cut out another pair.

Update: I blogged my second pair of Bobs

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