Sewing Plans: 2021 Make Nine

The Make Nine challenge has been around the sewing community forever. The idea is simple – pick 9 items to make at the beginning of the year, and by the end of the year, see how many you manage. With pregnancy and then my post partum body and lack of time, I haven’t done a make nine in years, so thought I’d try one for fun this year.

When I have tried this challenge, I’ve never managed to make many of the items I’d planned. I’m usually distracted by shiny new patterns throughout the year, and also inevitably my plans change over time.

So for 2021, I won’t be picking out specific patterns, but instead types of garments with some ideas for which patterns I might use. I fully expect not to make all nine items, but I think it’ll be fun to look back this time next year and see if these are still things I want to make, and if not, what’s changed.

Bra / underwear

I haven’t made any underwear yet, but keep hearing that it’s not as difficult as it looks. One of my old friends Orla, who I recently found out also sews, did a full year challenge where she sewed a bra every week – it was incredible, and I’d love to have some lovely new bras. On a practical level, as Alba feeds less, I might even be able to move away from my frumpy nursing bras and even wear an underwire again!


This has been something I’ve been keen to make for a while now. I’ve got Melissa Fehr’s Sew Your Own Activewear book on the way, and have had the perfect fabric from Fabworks in my stash for about 18months, so I have no excuses. I also really like the Helen’s Closet Avery leggings – the pattern is 20% off this month, and the new pattern from seamwork looks fantastic too!


I’m attempting to make Jeans again

I started Ginger Jeans at a course years ago, but was unable to finish them for various reasons. Now I really really need more trousers in my life, and would really like to own a pair of Jeans. I haven’t owned jeans in about 10 years so I’ve no idea what I’m looking for. For big projects that require a lot of prep, I need a lot of motivation and deadlines. So I’ve joined Sheffield Sewcial’s Jeans January challenge – I’m making the Dawn jeans and so far have managed my first toile. Hoping I stay motivated and finally finish a pair…and then maybe make another if I like them!

Pockets on my unfinished Gingers

A fancy dress

We have a family wedding this year (fingers crossed, it was postponed form summer 2020) and so I’d love to make my dress for it. My husband is best man and Alba the flower girl, so I want to wear something I love. I’ve wanted to make an Acton Dress from In The Folds forever – it’s neither pregnancy not nursing friendly, so hopefully in 2021 I’ll get to make it. I also adore the Closet Core Elodie wrap dress which I also think would be perfect for a summer wedding.

Maybe I’ll finally use this viscose linen
Polka dots are always good

Liberty dress / romper for Alba

Now that her growth is slowing, I feel I can splurge on some Liberty fabric to make a lovely summer dress or romper for Alba. Maybe to wear just before or after the family wedding, or even better for when we’re reunited with my Mum, sister and my new niece I haven’t been able to meet yet. That would be so lovely.

Zadie Jumpsuit

Ok so I said no specific patterns, but hey, I haven’t made a Zadie yet and I need one. So I will be making one in linen, or a linen viscose. I can’t wait to wander around in it.

Perfect linen for a Zadie?

Casual summer dress

In years gone by, I’ve been the queen of summer makes – dresses, culottes, you name it. But it’s hard to think about summer when it’s -5 outside. I love the Named Reeta, and haven’t made it yet despite having the pattern for ages. I also live the new Verano dress from Christine Haynes so can see one of two of those in my life.

Maybe in a lovely drapey viscose linen?

Trench coat / light jacket

Oh really, what I mean by this is that I need to make the Ulysses Trench from Victory patterns. I adore it. I have all the notions. Some super expensive buttery tencel from Sister Mintaka. I just need to pull myself together and do the boring prep work like pattern tracing and toile-ing. I suspect this will be one of the makes I don’t manage…but who knows, I may surprise myself.

The Ulysses Trench has been on my list for a while

A knitted cardigan

I’ve been knitting since I was a kid,on and off. But I’ve never made a proper adult garment. Just hats and scarves, baby items, and last summer I finally made a cardigan for Alba. I have two cardigans (for me) cast on at the moment. The Balloon Cardigan from Petite Knit is almost complete, just the sleeves to go. I also have the Diamond Jacket, from Anne Ventzel just cast on – maybe that will be my 2021 knitted cardigan…

Work in progress shot of my Balloon Cardigan

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