Papercut Patterns: Nexus Blouse

The Nexus Blouse, from Papercut Patterns, with its billowing statement sleeves and relaxed fit, caught my eye as I saw more and more versions pop up on Instagram. There are two sleeve options – one long billowing sleeve with large cuff and the other more cropped and open. I fell in love with a floral brown version with the cropped open sleeve, but decided it probably wouldn’t be practical with a small baby at home!

I was lucky to have the perfect fabric match for the blouse. I’ve had this beautiful gauze type cotton in my stash for a few years. It’s one of my most favourite pieces, and so while it was lockdown I decided to just go for it and finally use it. Although it’s super precious, it was also super cheap – I picked it up in the John Lewis sale, 3metres for £12.60. I know, almost robbery! And it’s Kokka which is a great brand too. I’m obsessed with yellow and I just adore the print, so was very excited to finally cut into it.

The most beautiful bargain fabric

I made a mistake when choosing my size. I picked the size based on my bust measurement, when really what I should have done is based it on my high bust measurement because I have a 4inch difference between the two. I was so ready to go with the fabric that I didn’t toile and really should have done. After trying the blouse on I was a bit disappointed, as it gapes, but once I tried a few different hairstyles I decided I really liked it. It does gape if I lean forward, but it’s not been a problem with lockdown!

Trying it on, feeling very unsure about how oversized it is
Looooong sleeves
Big at the chest
Readjust my hair and…love it!

Other than a quick toile of the Sapporo coat, this was my first experience of sewing with Papercut Patterns. I love their packaging with recycled paper, and cutting out the pattern instructions to create a little booklet. The instructions are really easy to follow, and it was a nice sew – not super simple but not too challenging either.

One of my favourite features is the huge wrist cuff. I’d seen a few versions with big statement buttons which I love. I wasn’t sure that I needed a contrast button, or a design on it, so opted for quite large buttons that really pop against the bright yellow print.

The button closure can be worn on the front or back, and there are two lengths. I generally wear mine with buttons on the front, the cuffed sleeves, and went for the cropped length. If I ever make some jeans it’ll pair fantastically with them!

All in all, I love my Nexus blouse. I’d love to make another but will size down and do a bust adjustment to make the fit across the shoulders and chest a bit more to my liking.

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