Closet Core Patterns: Carolyn Pajamas

I’ve wanted to make the Closet Core Patterns Carolyn Pajamas for so long. But I’d heard it was a long sew so kept putting it off. Then Minerva offered me the perfect fabric as part of their brand ambassador programme, and I couldn’t really say no. The Carolyn’s and this Art Gallery pooling are a match made in heaven, I couldn’t love them more.

I received this gorgeous fabric (which I was planning on buying anyway) in exchange for a blog post on I’ve linked here as there’s lots of information about sizing and the process of sewing in that post.

Although the fabric was provided free of charge, I bought the pattern, the thread, piping, buttons and was not paid for my time thinking his up nor sewing! It’s fantastic to get fabric provided free of charge, but it doesn’t cover the cost of producing a garment.

I’ll be sharing my wearable toile of the Carolyn Pajamas soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

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