More Bob pants

I made more Bobs! I haven’t made many Style Arc patterns but I love this one. How could I not? It’s lockdown, they’re so comfy – I live in my first pair and I had some linen in my favourite new colour to use.

And surprise surprise, I live in these too. The only difference is that these ones are more scratchy – if I go for a long walk it can get uncomfortable with chaffing. I think they’re a heavier linen, whereas my first Bobs were made in a washed linen.

I made them in the same size as my last pair. I noticed a similar issue in both pairs when inserting the elastic, that the waistband seems too big and ends up gathered even with the elastic at full stretch. It’s not a big deal though as it’s not noticeable when wearing them.

Anyhow, I still love Bobs. And my love affair with pink continues. Long live my Bobs!

They pair really well with my Jackson Tee.

And I love wearing them with my Freya top.

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