Jamie cardigan: Ready to Sew

This was a transitional make in all senses of the word. The Jamie Cardigan from Ready to Sew is a great layering piece in a light fabric, and a lovely winter warmer in a more cosy knit. But for me it’s transitional for another reason. I went for this pattern as a loose fitting, cosy winter warmer when 8 months pregnant and wanting a make that would see me through the last few weeks of pregnancy and into the post partum period.

I’d been sewing it for a little while one evening a week before my due date, and just had the sleeve cuffs to go. The slight balloon sleeve means that the cuff insertion requires gathering, and I couldn’t be bothered, so we sat down to watch some TV. Then, my waters broke. Alba arrived (glossing over a lot of detail of course). And my sewing stuff, including the cardigan, sat there for weeks, watching me from the living room table. I had no time or energy even to tidy it up.

Slightly gathered sleeve cuff

The post natal midwife was intrigued, amused that all I needed to do to wear this cosy cardi was add the cuffs, but of course I didn’t have time. I ended up wearing it a few times without the cuffs, such a cosy layer in the middle of winter but with big gaping sleeves it looked bizarre. I eventually managed to find time to put the cuffs on, pinning them during one naptime, and sewing them up a few days later. And now it’s become one of my most worn pieces. And that’s the story of the transition, from child free to mama life, with this cardigan.

A very snuggly cardigan

The fabric is a pretty thick but very light and bouncy acrylic knit from Like Sew Amazing in 2018. I made one of my Blackwood cardigans in the same fabric in another colourway. It’s a super cosy fabric, but I can imagine it’d be a bit scratchy directly against the skin so I think a cardigan is the perfect pattern match.

Cosy cardigan

The pattern is a lovely make.  I used size Large due to uncertainty about my shape post-partum, but I will definitely size down if I make another. It doesn’t really matter though as I skipped the buttons so it wears as a simple boxy cardigan. The thickness and stretch of the fabric made me think my machine wouldn’t handle buttonholes well, and I also didn’t think buttons were necessary. It’s meant it being a bit oversized has never been noticeable.

Button free

The design of the cardigan is great. It has a dropped shoulder and a slight balloon shape to the sleeve. The relaxed style means it goes with almost everything in my wardrobe. I actually don’t have many photos showing the cardigan in full, but I’m wearing it in lots of family photos as it’s such an essential piece in my everyday autumn / winter / spring wardrobe.

A fab all rounder winter layer that I’m sure I’ll be wearing for a very long time.

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