Closet Core Patterns: Pietra Pants

The Closet Core Patterns Pietra Pants. Another pattern I’ve wanted to make for a long time and have finally got round to doing. With their elasticated waist at the back and flat front with big feature pockets, they’re the ideal trousers. It’s taken me a while to make them, and the 1m cut if tencel I bought in summer to wearable toile the shorts will have to wait til next year, but I’ve made them now. And, predictably, as with many of my makes, I love them.

The fabric is lovely. It’s a tencel from Rainbow Fabrics, which I was expecting to be a darker brown, but it’s more of a camel colour. I have 3 metres of the fabric but wasn’t sure what to make with it, and so thought I’d ‘toile’ the Pietra Pants with it.

I made the size 14, but with an adjustment. I’m always having issues with the rise of trousers, and my Carolyn PJ bottoms really ride up, so I lengthened the rise on both front and back by 1inch. The crotch is now a bit too low, so I think I’ll change that adjustment to half an inch and see how that goes for the next pair. They’re also a little tight on the tummy, so I might sew a smaller seam allowance at that point on my next pair.

I also didn’t have the exact width of elastic the pattern required, so I just used the widest elastic I have and it’s worked out fine.

Considering this was meant to be a toile, they turned out pretty…amazing! The fabric is so soft, it looks so smart and is perfect for my work wardrobe. And they’re so so comfy. I can’t believe I made them!

The construction of the trousers is pretty quick. I’ve managed to put the pockets on with the diagonal in the wrong direction, but it’s not a big deal.

This pocket should slant in the opposite direction

The hems took a while to get right, I think it was the slippery fabric, they’re finished rather than perfect, but that’s ok because finished means I get to wear them.

My final word on these. I just love the pockets. They’re so big. They easily fit my hands and my phone. They’ll fit toddler snacks, maybe even a notepad…and still look professional. When can I make my next pair?!

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