I’m back!

Reader...it's been a while. A LOT has happened this year and you've probably noticed that I've not had much time for blogging. The main development... I've been growing a baby! I'm due towards the end of the year - I'm more than 7 months now. As with most women, I spent the first three months... Continue Reading →

A little sewing update

It's been a little while since I blogged. Life has happened and done it's thing of getting in the way. I've also just not felt like blogging in winter, there's been no natural light during the week to take good photos, and the evening darkness just saps my energy and inclination to do much beyond... Continue Reading →

Sew Frosting! Seamwork: Almada Robe

Frosting*. Sew the frosting. What an excellent idea. An excellent challenge. Kelli of True Bias sparked my idea for this project in her original Instagram story- she wanted to sew the fun stuff. And so did I. Couple of days later, Kelli and Heather-Lou of Closet Case Patterns had launched the #sewfrosting challenge. As described... Continue Reading →

True Bias: Ogden cami

There's been many a time I've heard a sewist asked to list the patterns that, were they only permitted to sew these for the rest of their lives, which they'd be. The Ogden Cami is often included in those lists, and I think, if I were to be asked, it might make it onto mine... Continue Reading →

The striped Kalle

Ah, stripes. A timeless, style, but also so very on trend for S/S 2018. The classic shirt, another perennial favourite, seen across the UK high street over the past few months. It's a style I normally couldn't pull off in ready to wear. The gaping at the button hole puts paid to that. But sewing,... Continue Reading →

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