I love to sew. I love planning outfits and getting repeatedly frustrated at my inability to sew as fast as I imagine up fabric and pattern combinations. I collect fabric too, it’s definitely a separate hobby to sewing!

I’m in my thirties and live in Glasgow in Scotland but am originally from the North West of England. I live with my husband and girl, just figuring out life as a Mum and trying to squeeze in precious sewing time.

I love to travel. To bake. To craft. To hear my baby giggle. To drink cocktails and eat good food with friends. And I really really love a sunset – you’ll often find me chasing one at the slightest hint of pink.

My blog is mostly a diary of makes and sewing plans, and also resources I think may be useful to other sewists. It takes a little while for my makes to make it onto the blog. The upside to this is I have usually worn them a few times and can give an honest opinion on how well the pattern works in everyday life, and how the fabric has worn too.

I spend a lot of time on Instagram, especially on stories, and that’s where you’ll see real time work in progress and my most recent makes when I’m out and about. You can find me at @sewslowsarah

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