Paper Theory Agnes PJs hack – a shacket

Today it’s a review of the Agnes PJs sewing pattern from Paper Theory Patterns…with a twist. It’s actually a shacket…made from a PJ top pattern.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m really into pink in the last few years, I think it really suits me. This chunky cord was from Sew Me Sunshine. I seem to get a lot of fabric from Harriet and the team, and it’s also the fabric that I tend to use soon after I buy it, rather than it wallowing in my stash. It’s lovely and soft and I originally thought I’d make trousers with it, but after sewing a pair of PJs for my mum with the Agnes pattern, I felt a sudden inspiration to make a shacket in pink with the PJ top pattern. So I went for it!

I cut the size 16, although my measurements were more of a 12-14. I thought it’d give me the extra ease you need when making a jacket. I probably should have just made the 14 as it’s a bit big, but shackets are meant to be oversized so I’m not too bothered about it.

Cutting this pattern out is a breeze – cutting is my least favourite part of sewing so I’m always happy to cut as few pieces as possible. The cutting layouts use a single layer of fabric, so no folding needed. And the top has grown on sleeves – you cut the bodice and sleeve together so it’s all one big piece.

As I was using cord I was careful to ensure the nap was running in the same direction which took a bit of head scratching given you cut some pieces upside down, but I managed it. If I was being super critical I’d say that the contrasting nap is a bit visible at the top of the sleeves, as the cord runs vertically when you’re standing with your arms out. A sewn in sleeve would generally run horizontally so you wouldn’t see an issue with the nap. If it’s the type of thing that would bug you, it’s worth noting, but it only applies to fabrics with a nap, like cord and velvet.

I had 2.5m of this cord, and still had plenty of fabric leftover after cutting out. I’ve already made a Juniper Skirt (Poppy & Jazz) for my daughter from some of the remnants, and have enough to make a few more.

I even used the remnants to sew my daughter a cute skirt

As well as being easy to cut out, the jacket was a lovely sew. The instructions are really clear and given there’s a collar, it’s a straightforward sew, whether you’re making PJs or a jacket. It’s definitely a quicker sew than other PJ patterns I’ve tried as the methods it uses are less fiddly.

I finished it off with some lovely buttons from Pigeon Wishes. They’re the Chai Latte colourway in the larger size. I think it goes really well with the pink. I often skip buttons, but thought these really added something to the jacket so I sewed them on immediately to avoid it languishing in my dreaded WIP pile awaiting buttons.

I didn’t do anything differently to sew with the cord as it wasn’t too chunky – I used my usual universal sewing needles and same tension on my sewing machine.

I’m pretty happy with the results, I’ve got a nice layer for when it’s a bit cold but not too wet, now all I need is for it to stop raining!

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