2018 Make Nine

I didn’t post a make nine last year, but quickly put together a list in the back of my diary with patterns that immediately sprung to mind. And, predictably, I’ve made barely any of them. I managed to finish one (which I’d already started when I made the list), and started a pair of Ginger jeans. That’s it. The rest, all dresses, were never made.

This Linden sweater for my sister was the only make nine challenge I completed last year

Despite this, I like Lucy Lucille’s make nine challenge as it’s very flexible, and also do-able as long as you put in a bit of effort to stay on course. I’ve put last year’s experience down to poor planning, and so this year I’ve put a lot of thought into my nine. Of course, plans can always be derailed, especially by new pattern releases. I feel as though my style is still evolving, and as I’m making this list from a very cold Scotland, I’m conscious that I may still change my mind as we travel through the seasons.

Having said that, for this year’s list, I’ve made sure I have a balance between the different seasons. I also thought carefully about the gaps are in my wardrobe, the patterns I already have, and those that I just can’t seem to stop thinking about seasons after they’ve been released. Of course, there are a lot of Canadian-designed patterns in my list but I’ve tried to keep a balance…

So, without further ado, my 2018 Make Nine (with some bonus fabric ideas from my stash!)


  1. Tessuti patterns Lois dress – I’ve loved this pattern since it was first released, and no matter the weather, it often pops into my head as something I’d really like to make and wear. I think the silhouette will really suit my body shape too. I don’t yet have the pattern, but I do have some lovely fabrics in my stash to make it.

    This soft linen could be the making of a lovely Lois…
  2. By Hand London Alix dress – ever since Elisalex began sharing photos of the floor-length version of the dress I’ve wanted to make one. It’s been on my mind a lot, and after seeing some versions online over Christmas, I began tracing the pattern earlier this month. It’s now next on my list for toiling. I suspect there’ll be lots of alterations to make to that bust, so who knows whether I’ll finish it…

    This viscose would make a stunning Alix dress…let’s hope I have enough
  3. True Bias Lander pants – I really need more trousers in my wardrobe. The few RTW pairs I have are in crazy colours and don’t match anything in my wardrobe. Since it was released last year, Instagram has been going insane about this pattern, and there seem to be some good blog posts and tutorials popping up already. I’m heading to New York in April, and whilst I’d love to have them ready by then, realistically, as it’s difficult to find good trouser weight fabrics in the UK, I might need to pick up the perfect fabric whilst I’m there.
  4. Sew Over It Penny dress – I made the tie blouse hack version of the dress for my trip to Cuba, so already have most of the pattern pieces traced, and know the bodice fits! I’m hoping the dress will be a winner in all seasons – for layering in spring and standalone on summer holidays. I have quite a few cotton lawns in my stash that would look great as a Penny…

    DSC_0038 (2)
    Really hope I have enough of this lawn to make the perfect Penny…
  5. Closet Case Patterns Charlie Caftan – From the minute this pattern was released I’ve wanted to make it, but I just haven’t had the time (or fabric). The PDF is already printed and ready to go – after my recent fabric buying spree I’m certain I’ll have something suitable in my stash.

    This drapey, soft linen could be perfect for the Charlie Caftan…or the Lois dress…
  6. Helen’s Closet Blackwood cardigan – This looks like a real wardrobe staple, and I’m hoping to make quite a few in different fabrics and lengths. I’m still on the lookout for the perfect fabric, it’s high on my priority list when out shopping.
  7. Closet Case Patterns Carolyn PJs – I have some beautiful Kokka that’ll be perfect for these. I’m going to make the shorts version as I got a similar RTW pair with long trousers for Christmas. Looking forward to some luxurious summer lounging…

    I think this lovely Kokka will make beautiful PJs
  8. Grainline Studio Hadley top – ah, the inverted back pleat. My favourite detail. The Hadley seems like such a versatile pattern – you can make it with or without sleeves, and with or without the pleat (hmmm, wonder what to do about the pleat?!). There are so many pieces in my stash that would be perfect made up as a Hadley. My plan is to carefully fit a toile first so that this can hopefully become a true TNT.

    DSC_0035 (2)
    Hoping this metre-long remnant will stretch to a Hadley top…
  9. Victory Patterns Esther pants – When this pattern was released I jumped for joy. I really need new trousers, and these are exquisite. I love all of the Victory Patterns designs, her work with pleats is divine. Again, I’ll look for a good trouser-weight fabric to make these whilst I’m in New York. I’m going to put myself out there are say that if I don’t make these pants this year my current self is going to be very disappointed in future me.

Of course, immediately after finalising the list and posting the photo on instagram, I realised that I hadn’t included for my top sewing goal for 2018 – lingerie making! I also forgot to include the Sapporo coat which I’ve already toiled, and the Nancy and Farrow dresses, which are current WIPs. Another immediate thought is that I haven’t included any culottes, and I sew at least two pairs a year.

Too many patterns. Not enough time.

It’ll be interesting to see how many of these I manage to complete – it’s almost as though I’m wishing 2018 away so that I can see how I got on!


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