Tilly and the Buttons: Freya top

It’s not one I’ve shared much, but one of my most made patterns is the Tilly and the Buttons Freya top from her book Stretch. Its such a simple top, fits me pretty well, and has even seen me through pregnancy and breastfeeding (I very much favour lifting my top up for access, I’m not into fancy hacks and access points at the bust level). So in 2021 I decided to make another in this lovely fabric.

The fabric is by Elvelyckan design that I bought from Good Fabric Store. I really like this fabric shop, it’s quickly becoming a favourite. The jersey caught my eye but it took me a while to buy it as I wasn’t sure what to make with it, and it’s more pricey than most cotton jerseys. it’s organic jersey too so I thought it’d be great to try it out, and if I like it get more to make a few garments for Alba.

I love the Elvelyckan designs, but they are pretty pricey and so I only bought a metre thinking I’d make a top. I didn’t check the fabric requirements for the pattern though, and so I only had enough for a sleeve to my elbow rather than the full length sleeve I’d wanted. It’s not a big deal though, I layer it with a Blackwood Cardigan in winter and am now starting to wear it without any more layers now it’s spring.

The test turned out great, as the jersey is a lovely quality. This top had been washed a good 5 or 6 times when I photographed it, and hasn’t faded as I feared. It also doesn’t do that annoying thing where you can see the white base fabric when it’s stretched, as some darker prints tend to do.

There’s no discolouring when the fabric is stretched

I made the Freya in my usual size 5 for Tilly patterns. One thing that hasn’t been quite right with my previous Freya’s is that the shoulders are always a little big, so for this version I narrowed the shoulder, using a Tilly tutorial, by 1cm. It fits so much better.

The shoulders are a much better fit with a small adjustment

I’m enjoying sewing with jersey, and mostly do it with my sewing machine rather than the overlocker. I’ve got a good collection of jersey tops now – they’re the ideal quick sew once the fit is sorted. Relatively quick to sew up, use pretty minimal fabric and are worn everyday, especially in lockdown! What more could you want from a sew?!

And as for the Elvelyckan fabrics – the blueberry print i had my eye on has sold out, but I’ll be checking back to pick some up soon!

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